Greetings dear winter friends…

Except for you all who keep sending us pictures of yourselves way down south on vacation in flip-flops, we hope that all others are keeping warm and/or shoveling well.

It has been a challenging year for weather.

February began with Kim as leader of song and cantor for the annual Black History Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. The congregation sang portions of Kim’s Welcome Table Mass.

Reggie is wowing sports crowds and leading the National Anthem as the Middleburgh Lady Knights Basketball team go off to the Class C Sectional Playoffs.

Congratulations Lady Knights!!

Both Kim and Reggie have continued their celebrations of the month with performances in Rochester, NY, Omaha, NE, Champagne-Urbana, IL, and at the amazing Dance Flurry in Saratoga Springs. A very special thanks goes out to the hearty souls who came out to inaugurate the Tobias Music Store Concert Series that our friend Lee Murdock invited us to kick off!

We continue to remember our dear, wonderful friend and mentor, Pete Seeger everywhere we go. On the morning after his passing, we sang his songs with second grade students in teacher Amy Blake’s classroom. We are so pleased that Pete appears on two of our CDs, Guide My Feet and Let My People Go.

Be sure to check out all of the Appleseed Recordings that feature Pete Seeger. You can also watch us sing Pete’s song RAINBOW RACE with our friends Terry and Greg MAGPIE on the video page of this website.

We invite you to consult our calendar page and join us in Princeton, NJ, Lansdowne, PA, Baltimore, MD, Bayshore, LI, New Haven, CT, Westfield, NJ, North Carolina or wherever you can. We look forward to seeing your faces up close.

Be sure to contact Joann Murdock at Artists of Note to schedule a Kim and Reggie performance near you.

Thanks, as always, to webmaster and bass player Joe Hammer.

Bye for now!

Kim and Reggie

Kim and Reggie Harris

Transplant gives singer Reggie Harris second chance and Reggie still travels telling Harriet Tubman's story thanks to an anonymous Delaware donor. Click here.

USA TODAY, alternate link, click here.

Kim & Reggie with Pete Seeger