Hey there Good People!

Happy to share this news with you...

You’ll remember that we were part of the amazing event... SeegerFest at Lincoln Center Outdoors on July 20th. It was a great day of song and tribute to two incredible icons of music and history, Pete and Toshi Seeger.

Our participation in that event gave us the chance to share Reggie’s song about Pete, "High Over the Hudson," with the world as the concert was streamed live. We’ve heard from so many who saw us, and from others who missed the show or couldn’t watch the entire event.

Well, GOOD NEWS!! Lincoln Center has edited the broadcast!... and you can view it right HERE!!

Pete and Toshi did so much to move the world forward. We were blessed to have them as friends and mentors, as they were to so many.

Enjoy this tribute to them and remember that the work they started is not done.

We as their “children” and we as their friends must all take the mission to make the world a place where freedom and justice roll down like waters in an environment of peace!

Thanks to webmaster and bass player for our song at SeegerFest, Joe Hammer, for getting this up and running on our website.

Reggie and Kim